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The Sex Effect

December 1, 2010

So in english we watched some commercials of how the media portrays sex,
how industries use sex as a selling tool,

in total we watched about 4 commercials one being the one below: please watch it

Pros of commercial:
Yes, this commercial is VERY effective.
The thought of having millions of “sexy” women running through a jungle or swimming across the ocean, all in small bikinis, would be the ULTIMATE dream of an average guy. right?

Therefore we can assume that Axe is saying that if men wear that cologne then this dream will become a reality.

One could argue that no one should take this commercial seriously, it is just a company trying to sell a product and is doing so in a very extreme way. Who would actually believe this is going to happen when they spray axe cologne on themselves?

These women wanted to be on the commercial, other wise they would not have been there. it was THEIR choice.

People need to stop taking commercials like this so serious.

If it were a woman’s perfume commercials with billions of men running after a woman it wouldn’t be considered discusting at all. Double standards?

It was funny.

Cons of commercial:
It degrades women by saying that they are so stupid that a cologne makes us into this.

It uses women as sex objects, the fact that they are in bikinis shows this.  Why couldn’t they have been in regular clothes?

The media is eventually going to use commercials like this to make men believe that this is all women are good for.

Women will start to believe that this is all they are good for: sex and to be the mens” eye candy”

This stereotypes women into categories, ones who look like the women in the commercial and others. Will the women in the commercial be the only acceptable ones in society in the future?

In order for women to be in a commercial they have to look like this and do what the director says, therefore they might not have necessarily “wanted” to do this. They might have had to.

And now you get to hear my thoughts 🙂

Personally, when I saw this commercial I didn’t immediately get angry.
Honestly, I laughed a little.
I was on the side of “It’s just a commercial, why do people take is so seriously?”

Then the class went into a discussion about it,
and my view-point totally changed.

I mean some of the guys in my class started saying things about the commercial, like how it was awesome and how they want to go buy a can of Axe today and spray it all over them. (not to point any guys out, im not trying to say they are pigs or anything at all! The guys saw the commercial and, well, they are guys. lol)

That was when I started thinking.
That commercial shows what I am supposed to act/be like.
I am supposed to be able to wear a skimpy bikini and run after a man.


Not only that but what if whenever a guy sees me, or any other woman for that fact, they think of that commercial?
They think that women should run after the guy, while still looking very sexy in their swim suits.

for example:
The WORST thing that a guy can do to a girl is call her by his exes name, right?
Or think of her while they are on dates etc…
How is this any different?

What if this commercial makes men think of the women here while “searching” for a girlfriend?
Or even worse, what if this commercial makes men think of the women on here while they are with their current girlfriend, fiance, wife?

I realized how stereotyped I AM,
I used to think that things like that affected others, not me.
know what I mean?
I was just apathetic about it.

Now I’m not saying im going to go and join a radical feminist group, but I am not going to support products that do these kinds of things.
will it do anything?
Probably not.
Will Axe really care or even notice?
Probably not.

But at least I’m doing something right?

So at the beginning of this blog, my whole intention was to break the fairytale dreams of love and romance so that people can have what they want in reality.
For women to stop trying to find the stereotypical “prince charming” and find the guy who can be their very OWN prince charming.
For men to stop trying to find cinderella, and find the woman who can be their very own cinderella.

But there’s another dream that needs some breaking.
It’s a big one.
And it has already taken over almost EVERY guys mind.

The dream of finding a woman who has the body of a goddess, wears small bikinis, and looks damn good.

Yeah guys, there are plenty of women who look like this.
And I am not dissing them at all.

But what about the majority of us who can’t?
Will guys just simply overlook us?
I sure hope not.

Relationships are more than just looks, dont get me wrong, looks can play an important part because if you are not physically attracted to them than you wont be emotionally, but it is more than that.

They are journeys that are worth taking even if you get hurt because you come out learning more about yourself than you did before.
Its fun 🙂

3 Comments leave one →
  1. December 1, 2010 5:13 pm

    Wow again,

    This was a really moving posting. No joke. Many people wrote about this Axe commercial, but I really appreciated your honesty here. Thanks for sharing,


  2. Caleb Davis permalink
    December 1, 2010 11:06 pm

    i get stoked to read this stuff.
    i remember when i used to have classes and such like this and when i used to ponder such things often…its been a little while but its really cool that your thinking/talking about this stuff.


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